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12 Tips to Dress For Women Who Have Posture Short

12 Tips to Dress For Women Who Have Posture Short

As Asians in general, of course it is natural that have short stature. Therefore we need to deal with this unfortunate posture to still look good, instead of wearing style that will make us more visible short. We should know very well the start of the election until the election style color what needs to be avoided. By applying directives under, short, putting women may appear more confident each time. Here We Go!

1. Color Monochrome

Wearing one color from head to toe can help create the impression of an elongated and will give the illusion of a high posture. While wearing too many different colors can break the long impression.

2. High-Heels

Wearing high heels certainly the most powerful way to disguise short stature. Wearing High Heels few centimeters higher will make you physically, position your shoulders and face will be aligned with people who really tall. If you are not familiar with the stilettos, the wedges also can be a safe choice. Low & high heels collection of quality:

3. Use Style High Waist

Create the illusion / posture becomes higher impression is about proportion. Using jeans, pants or skirt high waisted newfangled will make an impression more above the waist and creates an optical illusion that you have a body that is higher than it actually is.

4. Maxi Dress

Maxi dress is often avoided by women of short stature, but if you are right motif maxi dress maxi dress will actually make the body seem high. Monochrome colored maxi dress and the length of the neck to the bottom

5. Dresses & Skirts Mini

Mini Shirt and dresses as well as a wide selection of beautiful shoes are cool style for owners legs. But for women, putting short, you will be safer to wear a skirt or dress with long just above the knee.

6. Pants With The Right Proportion

Trousers such as jeans and materials are subordinate most often we use every day. As a woman of short stature is the best form of pants pants boot cut or wide jeans with type below. Avoid pants conical or entirely below the width.

7. Avoid pants ngatung

Pants “ngatung” is one model of pants that should be avoided for short stature because it will make the legs thicker though. Meanwhile, long pants with the model cover all the ankles until your shoes will make your feet look more long.

8. Avoid Material Thickness

increasingly thick clothes, dress or pants, the short woman will look more wide and short. So make sure it has the material is thin and light to your life

9. Select the thin Belt

Wearing a large belt will make your body look as though the shorter. If you plan to wear a belt, then choose a small thin models.

10. Use Dark Colored Apparel

Dark-colored clothing will make you look more sleek and slender. Wearing black clothes will create a silhouette that is straight and tall for a woman of short stature.

11. Avoid Bag Large Sized

For women of short stature, choose fashion accessories also have to be careful. Bags that are too big will make you look short, the proportion of bags that are too big will make a big impression on the appearance. Pretty little bag by the size of the body will give the impression that your body is larger than it actually is.

12. Clothes Striped Vertical

Tips on this one is the old theory but the results are very good. Use a boss with a vertical line as it will create the illusion of a long body, otherwise horizontal lines will make your body more broadly. No need to wear vertical striped pants and shirt at a time, just enough clothes or pants only.

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