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3 Natural Mask for Face Skin Irritation

3 Natural Mask for Face Skin Irritation

Irritation of the skin due to various things is a problem which needs to be completed. Do not rubbing the facial skin irritation by certain artificial chemicals before getting a prescription.

You should first try to use natural ingredients such as milk or yogurt which acts as a sedative flavor. Try to select natural ingredients following in order to reduce irritation to the skin:

  1. Apply aloe vera, yogurt, or a banana that had been destroyed on irritated skin.
  2. Reduce the irritation can be overcome with a mixture of finely ground cucumbers with yogurt, oatmeal cooked with honey, two tablespoons of almonds that have been mixed with a few drops of milk, crushed papaya with lemon juice, and milk cream with honey.
  3. Water boiled basil leaves can also cope with irritation. Simply by soaking a cotton ball in the water and paste on skin irritation, leave for a few minutes before rinsing.

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