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3 Positive Thoughts to Make You Slim

3 Positive Thoughts to Make You Slim

Having a positive mindset is more effective in weight loss than for the healthy eating and regular exercise correctly. Learn how to think positively in order to achieve maximum results to return the number of scales into a more ideal figure.

1. Start small

No matter what the goal, start with something small and realistic. Instead of going to work out every day with the intensity that is faster, better start by making small movements but routine.

Author of the Four Day Win, Martha Beck, PhD, reward yourself with a small walk for 10 minutes after dinner.

2. Do not follow your heart

Author of The Complete Beck Diet for Life, Judith S. Beck, PhD said, try to divert your heart to things that are useful as writing, answering crossword, and the singing of the eating portion of the cake in times of stress.

3. Visualize results

Say in my heart that we want to have the same body shape with him. Of course, we must follow the diet they follow, with slight modifications.

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