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3 Reasons We Need Protein Consumption

3 Reasons We Need Protein Consumption

Protein intake should be increased for us who want to lose weight. However, the opposite happened, we more easily meet the needs of carbohydrates and fat from the protein requirement itself.

Here’s the reason we must put protein into the list of daily intake should be prioritized.

1. Substance builder

Protein is the building block or raw material protein tissues of the body. Which consists of muscle, skin, nails, and hair.

Therefore, if the body just gets protein in small amounts, it will affect the health and survival of various tissue proteins.

2. Affect the rate of hormone

Protein is the formation catalyst important hormones in the body such as growth hormone and testosterone. These hormones regulate the rate of muscle growth, fat burning, and the rate of aging person.

3. Satiety longer

Pathway protein mechanism gives satiety longer through gastric emptying is slower than the gastric emptying time of eating carbohydrates or fat. Some amino acids are supplied from the protein we eat, both essential (acquired from outside) or non-essential (can be produced by the body), some of which affect some appetite controlling hormones in the body such as cholecystokinine and ghrelin.

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