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3 Reasons why should you leave your phone while sleeping

3 Reasons why should you leave your phone while sleeping

We live in an age of technology that seems to dominate the world. We all know that playing mobile phone in bed is a bad habit and now there is scientific evidence is increasingly clear that playing mobile phone in bed is something that must be avoided for the following reasons:

1. Light from Mobile Ruin Your Sleep

Lights monitor your phone may be very helpful during the day but it turned out to be the opposite of when you’re in bed at night. Due to the blue light of the monitor mimic sunlight.

Your brain will be confused and stop producing melatonin – a hormone that serves to warn the body to rest. And this is the blue light that cause damage to your sleep patterns, making you hard to fall asleep and end up all night. Destruction of sleep patterns can lead to reduced quality of rest that result in several health problems either physically or mentally.

2. Light from the Phones Affect Your Brain

When melatonin levels and sleep patterns disrupted, you will feel more than just a nuisance in her the next day – can weaken memory and learning ability may be impaired. Not only that, the longer you sleep irregular hours it will be increasingly difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to formation of a neurotoxin that can prevent you to sleep soundly.

Research also proves that the people of his melatonin levels continuously interrupted by the lights of the phone are more susceptible to depression. When your body clock is disturbed, the biological conditions including body temperature, blood pressure and the release of other hormones also disrupted.

3. Exposure Lights Mobile Phones Can Interfere Sight

Mobile phones are not only potentially disrupt your sleep but could also damage your eyesight. Retina is exposed to light continuously phones can be broken regularly. AMDF (American Macular Degeneration Foundation) also warns that the macula disorder can also be caused by damage to the retina is exposed to light from a mobile phone in excess, this disorder causes you to lose the ability to see objects that are actually in front of you.

Researchers are looking for new evidence whether the smartphone is also contributing cause of cataracts. Not only that, regular sleep disorders and lights at night could also be associated with the risk of cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer. Melatonin also acts as an antioxidant is a substance that is very useful for preventing cancer.

How to Stop Bad Habits Using Mobile Phone When Will Rest

There are few better choices than to see your Facebook page or playing Candy Crush before going to bed, and if you really need to check your phone, make sure you reduce the intensity of the screen.

Some ways to reduce the use of mobile phones before bed are:

  • Talk to your wife or husband or your children before bedtime
  • Reading books
  • Yoga
  • Listening to music quietly

If you can not get for not checking your smartphone, the use of glasses which reduce light radiation may reduce the effects caused by the smartphone. But the more rarely you check the smartphone before bed, the more comfortable you are, your social life will continue on the morning of his days.

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