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3 Things That Make Spinal Pain More Severe

3 Things That Make Spinal Pain More Severe

Generally men experience pain in the spine after heavy activity. While the women feel pain due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and when through menopause. However, there are some conditions that can improve the pain of the spine, especially during menopause. What do you think about it?

National Institutes of Health mentions, pain such as back and spine pain is a big problem experienced by modern society. This is more common in women, especially those aged 45 to about 60 years.

Here are some conditions that can cause the spine pain, especially in menopausal women.

Stress and anxiety

Restlessness, anxiety even to the stage of stress can have a direct impact on muscle tension. Often stress can increase the pain in your spine.

Less active move

Less moving is the main cause of muscle tension in the spine. As long as you maintain fitness maybe this kind of problem will not hit.

To overcome this condition, you should choose yoga or other types of exercise and do it regularly.

Unhealthy diet

Foods high in magnesium, calcium, or vitamin E can help reduce muscle tension in the spine. However, if you choose an unhealthy diet such as not eating vegetables and fruits, it is appropriate if the spine is often painful.

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