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4 Food For Lose Weight

4 Food For Lose Weight

Healthy foods that contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber is referred to below can burn calories in our body. As well as helping reduce body weight for those who are dieting. These foods can be eaten in the form of salad or half-cooked food. It can even be used as a snack.

1. Oranges

Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. One orange contains 76 calories, enough for the weight loss process. No longer need to mix the sugar in each food and beverages consumed, because these fruits have fulfilled your sugar intake per day.

2. Paprika

Peppers can increase metabolism, thus helping to absorb calories quickly. Help you lose weight as well.

3. Lettuce

Lettuce is rich in fiber and fit merged together bread. Lettuce also helps to improve our digestive system. Salad also high in water content.

4. Celery

Combine celery if you want to lose weight. It takes more calories to digest celery well. Celery also filling.

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