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4 How to get a good night’s sleep

4 How to get a good night’s sleep

Social media can really hypnotize attention before going to sleep. Someone can linger staring at Instagram until finally sleep time is delayed or the person is having trouble sleeping difficult.

In fact, irregular sleep patterns associated with decreased performance or worsening relationship (killer libido), heart disease, or weight gain.

To menyiasatinya, sleep experts share how to order the quality and quantity of sleep balanced, and can make you relax and relieve stress.

Here are tips for getting the best sleep tonight:

1. Prioritize sleep

First, you need to get enough sleep for about seven or eight hours. It’s an ideal time for most people-to make sure your brain gets through all the necessary stages of sleep. The brain requires an active Rapid Eye Movement (REM) for memory consolidation and mood setting.

“The brain needs the deepest non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep to help repair muscle damage and regenerate cells.If you do not get enough sleep regularly, you underestimate the variations and quantities of sleep your brain needs, “says Dr. Shelby Harris specialist sleep medication behavior.

In addition, consistency is also important to help your body fall asleep and stay asleep better. That way, you should stick to a tight schedule seven days a week (because you can not pay off your sleeping debt on weekdays by sleeping on weekends).

2. Stay away from the smartphone screen

A recent study found watching a streaming service before bedtime often resulted in sleep deprivation and insomnia due to its addictive nature.

One to two hours before bedtime, one must avoid the screen that emits blue light, which our brain reads like the sun. As an alternative, Harris recommends using half an hour to an hour to relax or perform activities that require full attention, such as reading, meditation, or listening to music.

To further stimulate the senses, you can use lavender, which has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate, which aromatically induces sleep.

3. Stay comfortable and cool

Try choosing the best quality beds with soft sheets. In addition, make sure to use a comfortable pillow.

Another important part is to pay attention to the cold room temperature. However, there is also not only pay attention to the temperature of the room, but also choose a cool cloth, which breathe like cotton.

4. Diet and exercise

To optimize your sleep, Glassman recommends a balanced whole food diet, as well as ingredients that naturally help you sleep.

Glassman’s top choices include melatonin bananas, which contain potassium that normalizes heartbeat and cortisol-lowering magnesium, and cherries because it is a good source of tryptophan, a sleep-regulating serotonin precursor, and contains anthocyanin, an antioxidant that decreases inflammation.

Glassman also encouraged his sleep-deprived patients to consume chamomile-induced herbal tea, at night for aiding digestion and calming the nervous system.

And do not forget to exercise because sport proved as a silencer insomnia. Harris says a person is at least cardio for 20 minutes, about four to six hours before bedtime.

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