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4 Reasons Pregnant women need a high intake of Zinc

4 Reasons Pregnant women need a high intake of Zinc

The diet of pregnant women affects the fetus. To that end, the nutritional needs should be sufficient and balanced. One of the substances that must be met pregnant women, the substance zinc. Similar such as iron, zinc content obtained from a diet rich in animal protein (shrimp, squid, fish). And the following nutritional benefits of zinc as pregnant women.

The formation of DNA

Zinc is enough to help the formation of DNA in the fetus. Food that has been cooked with the addition of spices will make the content of zinc increased.

Strengthen metabolism

Intake of foods containing animal protein is not only beneficial for the fetus alone, but pregnant women. The body’s metabolism and fetus of pregnant women will be formed strong so avoid contracting various diseases.

Child growth

Zinc intake was good also affect child development. Later, the baby born will be uninterrupted growth. This is because the enzyme formation growth fulfilled.

Avoid the interruption of pregnancy

Zinc deficiency would be dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses. Pregnant women at risk of pregnancy problems such as premature birth.

Exposure zinc benefit from the results of studies with 360 pregnant women, whose average age was 29.3 years (the youngest was 15 and the oldest 42 years old).

Age of the content studied includes the second trimester and third trimester. The study was conducted from April to June 2015.

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