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4 Ways to Wear Black & White, Stay Stylish From Morning Till Night

4 Ways to Wear Black & White, Stay Stylish From Morning Till Night

Not many women who believe themselves just by wearing black and white. The reasons vary. Most feel look less stylish as it is too monotonous. Actually, these two colors are the most basic colors to make someone look effortlessly chic. So you are free to explore the colors you want to wear accessories. For example, black and white is plain pallets that fit combined with all colors.

Prior to the move, made from lightweight shirt and shorts at home while enjoying the morning sun is a-must. With this style you already like to enjoy the real vacation. Or during morning walks around the house, this style can also be a mainstay.

Shown when the formal office to not only have to wear a shirt and pencil skirt boring. Occasionally try this style. Still looks neat but also very stylish. You just have to have to add a blazer or cardigan to complete the look.

Come home after work and have a plan hangout with friends, just change your shirt blouse summer shades. In order to stay neat, patterned pants can be selected pinstripes.

Have an event invitation in the evening or just want to relax with friends at a favorite restaurant, fitted dress is the most appropriate choice. Live wear stilettos and you’re ready to go!

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