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5 Changes That Happen After Married

5 Changes That Happen After Married

After marriage, many are shocked by the couple’s habits. Not to mention there are things ‘magical’ that did not happen but now present.


According to the relationship therapist, Michelle Park, a sense of shock is common in the first year of marriage. But no need to panic, the change is a natural thing when entering a new phase of life.

Well, for you who will get married or just have marriage following the changes that often occur after marriage.

1. Feel comfortable with the relationship

After making a promise before God and family and friends for a lifetime, this provides a sense of comfort and security. This feeling makes the couple so confident to do something including on the bed as delivered clinical psychologist, Susan Heitler.

Over time, you and your partner will be more connected and feel comfortable together. This, Heitler says, brings about emotional intimacy that affects better sex lives.

2. Weight gain

Look at colleagues or brothers who have been married for years. Are they fatter than before? In many people marriage affects the weight.

Studies from Ohio State University United States find women tend to gain weight after marriage. Potential women gain weight after 30 years. The researchers say, happiness affects the person’s appetite.

3. Sharing time together and for yourself

After marriage, activity is no longer what I do, but what we do. So many activities are done together. However, do not forget the time for yourself.

You need to be with a partner, but it’s important to have your own time to do the things you love. It is not only good for you, but also the relationship.

4. Tidiness issues

There are couples who love to be neat, while the only reckless. Could be putting dirty clothes can be a big thing. Then, the habit of forgetting to turn off the bathroom light could be a bickering event.

5. Which parent’s home feast?

Before marriage, each one can celebrate the feast at home parents. But after marriage, a place to celebrate the feast can be a problem. There are some couples who finish it by attending a parent’s home or making a new tradition while celebrating the holiday.

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