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5 Things You Should Consider When Using Lipstick in

5 Things You Should Consider When Using Lipstick in

Polish lip with lipstick can make you look more fresh and blushing. Your user lipstick, you know that there are some things you should not do when using it?

These things will make the lipstick that you no longer use as decorative appearance, but it can be a problem. What are things you should know when using lipstick? Here is his review.

  1. The woman must have proficiency in eating a sandwich or burger. Bit error while biting the food will make your chin and your nose can hit the red lipstick stain.
  2. Trying clothes in a fitting room while shopping you should also take note. Moreover outfit you choose is the white dress. When you wear a dress from head, make sure the dress is not on your red lipstick.
  3. How to talk and suck your lips should also take note. Not too much activity in the lips because it will make a mess of your lipstick. The worst thing is when you find your teeth have been filled with red lipstick stain. You do not want to embarrass yourself like this instead?
  4. When a drink is also a formidable challenge for you who use red lipstick. Try not to leave a stain because it looks beautiful and disturbing.
  5. When meeting with old friends and greet with a kiss on the cheek left and right should also be considered. Do not let your lipstick stain stick on the cheek instead of your friend, this will make the situation uncomfortable and awkward.

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