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5 Tips to overcome addiction to smartphones

5 Tips to overcome addiction to smartphones

Who doesn’t have a smartphone? Surely most people already have a smartphone to communicate and help with daily activities. Due to the use of high-level, often users become addicted to their smartphones.

In fact, many people claiming to be better not to bring the wallet than not carry a smartphone because they already addicted to smartphones. Then how to overcome addiction to smartphones?

Five tips that might help you overcome addiction smartphone.

1. Turn on Silent Mode

When we know the smartphone notifications in the form of sound or vibration, users are hooked surely want to immediately check their phones. It makes so users can not get out of the smartphone. Try to activate the silent mode on your smartphone.

By doing so, you will not check smartphone every time you get a notification. Still no LED notification? Try to flip smartphone layout, part of the screen below.

2. Put the Smartphone in The Invisible

Ever hear the phrase ‘invisible, unthinkable’? This expression was first created when Nokia released the 3310. Maybe this expression is true. For those who are addicted to smartphones, try to put your cell phone in places unseen.

Say you’re in the office or on a date, try to put your smartphone in a pocket or in a bag. Some companies also ask employees to put the smartphone in a basket at the meeting took place. The goal of the minds of employees can be more focused.

3. When Being Gathered, Try Compose Smartphone

You certainly never get together with friends, right? Conscious or not, often when gathered, people just cool with each smartphone rather than spend time while chatting.

To fix this, maybe you can put a smartphone to put them up. Instead of looking into each screen smartphone, definitely assembled atmosphere also will be more fun and familiar.

4. Give priority to the Important Notice

“If my phone is silent, how can I know if there is something really important,” so maybe you question yourself before changing notifications to silent mode.

For that, you can enforce priority. Had there been a call or SMS from certain numbers, you can prioritize. Make sure that you determine which are considered important and what is not important.

5. Use Smartwatch

Another way to overcome addiction to smartphones is to use smartwatch. Indeed, this impressed me move from one device to another, but you do not have to stare at the screen constantly smartphone.

Smartphone you can put in your pocket or bag, if there are important smartwatch notifications, you can open it directly in the smartphone.

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