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6 Tips for Buying Healthy Chocolate

6 Tips for Buying Healthy Chocolate

You’re a fan of chocolate and perpetrator healthy lifestyle? It was certainly make you a dilemma, do not want to lose your favorite foods, but still want health is maintained.

If you manage to get a healthy tan, you can get a sweet snack that can reduce stress levels, increase sex drive, and make the heart beat more healthy.

In fact, a long-term study involving 25 thousand volunteers found that eating 3.5 ounces of high-quality chocolate every day can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack.

Actually, finding a healthy tan is not too difficult. As long as you know how to look. Here are 6 ways of shopping healthy chocolate:

1. The more bitter the better

Chocolate term “black” (dark chocolate) is not a defined term if the food regulatory agency. This makes any chocolate could be labeled this.

In terms of health, what you invest when buying dark chocolate, rather than milk chocolate or white chocolate, flavanol and polyphenol content is higher. Both are antioxidants that fight the evil radicals associated with various diseases.

In fact, dark chocolate has been shown to contain more antioxidants than blueberries in each gram. Chocolate manufacturers often specify the percentage of cocoa in chocolate packaging, but you’ll need at least 70 percent cocoa to benefit their health.

2. Butter chocolate or fake butter

Good fats in chocolate is “good” is the brown butter. Brown butter is a source of heart-healthy stearic acid.
In the United States, chocolate producers can not put chocolate on a product label unless the product contains cacao butter as an ingredient. However, replacing part of the cocoa butter earlier with cheap oil and emulsifier often do.

Avoid fake tan was to avoid products that have the label “chocolaty,” which is actually a term for a fake tan. And stay away from products that have the words “partially hydrogenated” in the list composition. Because trans fat was often associated with heart disease.

3. Avoid chocolate that has been through a lot of processes

If you are undergoing a process alkalisation chocolate, throw it out. The term refers to the processing of cocoa earlier that substantially reduces health-giving properties of the heart.

A study in the Journal of Agriculture Food Chemistry showed that the average content of flavanols contained in the cocoa experienced nine times more than the chocolate that has undergone various processes.

4. Select a chocolate bar

Most people are able to eat a little bit of dark chocolate every day. In fact, women with a history of heart attack who reported taking two pieces of high-quality dark chocolate every week showed a decreased risk. They decreased the risk by 32 percent for readmission due to heart failure. That’s according to a study published in Circulation Heart.

Unfortunately, the high-quality chocolate truffle fruit contains calories at least 100 calories, and most people eat more than one fruit. Hence, avoid eating too much chocolate by buying a chocolate bar wrapped one by one.

Activity rip wrap chocolate bars will make you slow down your consumption process, while giving the body a chance to produce hormones that will make you satisfied.

Fact, people eating a snack 41 fewer calories when foods are wrapped one by one, according to a study published in the journal Appetite.

5. Choose a simple

There are many ingredients needed to make chocolate: cocoa beans cocoa butter, sugar, and maybe a little vanilla. But not all manufacturers make it as simple as that.

Avoid chocolate with extra stuffing, and always choose chocolate with the original base material and that you recognize the name implies.

6. Bonus berries

A magical process that makes chocolate healthy does not happen in your hand, or your mouth. The process happens in the gut. In fact, recent research says the health benefits of chocolate created by the good bacteria in your mikrobiome who eat chocolate and fermentation anti-inflammatory properties.

Blending chocolate with a high-fiber fruits could boost healthy. Nothing can beat the health of fresh fruits.
However, the combination of popular chocolate with dried berries and nuts (especially cashews and pistachios) can make your own chocolate probiotics properties.

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