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7 Benefits of banana skin that you should know

7 Benefits of banana skin that you should know

Bananas are the tropical fruit favored by many people. But not only the fruit flesh can be used, peel bananas are also rich in benefits.

Sustainable environmental advocacy group America said at least seven things we can take advantage of a banana skin.

1. Nourish tomato plants

Put a banana peel around tomato plants. So that the nutrients of banana peels can be immediately absorbed.

2. As compost

Banana peel easily and quickly unraveled. So it can be used as compost for vegetable plants or flowers in the garden.

3. Relieve rash and itching

After getting bitten by insects or itchy skin, apply a banana peel on the section. So that it can relieve itching or a rash.

4. Animal Feed

After eating a banana, skin do not get thrown into the trash, but it is better to give to the animals. Chickens, rabbits and other farm animals happy eating a banana peel.

5. Soften meat

Enter a banana skin is clean to the pan when cooking meat, banana peel is useful in tenderizing meat.

6. Clean the shoe leather and silver

Banana skin also benefit to clean leather shoes. The trick, add water on a banana skin and rubbed on shoes to make it shiny.

7. Attractive bird hearts

When you want to see birds comes closer, trying to let the banana skin near you. Soon, the birds will come to eat it, but yes also wary of the presence of bees as well.

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