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7 Criteria interesting man in the eyes of women

7 Criteria interesting man in the eyes of women

There is more than just a handsome face or full of charisma that makes a woman attracted to a man. Various research in psychology expressed interest of women to men can in terms of physical and character.

Starting from an attractive level similar to the kind. Here’s more seven things that make men attractive to women by various scientific studies.

1. Just pull it with you

Men and women are attracted to people who have the same exciting levels. “People usually tend to avoid attracted to people who pull level higher or lower than him,” explained psychologist from Nottingham Trent University, Mark Sergeant.

If it is more interesting than you, could appear anxiety he left or was having an affair with someone else. Meanwhile, if unattractive, will appear anxiety that you are too good for him.

2. Shown as someone who is already well off

It looks like a woman happy to see a male figure that is prosperous it was revealed sociologist University of North Carolina, Glen Elder in 1969. Although it was revealed decades ago, in the present results are not much different. Studies in 2014 showed that men who live in luxury apartments more attractive than usual in the apartment alone. According to psychologists this is because women want to have a partner who gives them a sense of wellbeing.

3. Older

Most women do have a couple older than his age. It is evident also in the study in 2010 which showed that women prefer older men as partners. Financial independence so the reason women.

“Financial independence make sure women choose partners who are older than him. So the older men attractive to women,” said lead author sutid, Fhionna Moore of the University of Dundee, UK.

4. The bearded man

Although the bearded man is no longer a trend in the fashion world, but in the eyes of women, men who had a bushy beard but not very interesting.

According to a study in Australia in 2013, a long beard most interesting when it grows 10 days after shaving.

“The presence of a beard is not only related to the maturity and masculinity, but also as the party that dominates,” explained study author Barnaby Dixson and Robert Brooks.

5. Good heart

Who would not fall in love with men who are sincere and kind? All women would love to meet a man like this figure. Studies in 2014 in China, a man who has a good personality and honest is more attractive than someone who has a negative personality as rude.

6. Muscular

Not muscular like a bodybuilder, but the man who has a toned body with a little more muscle pull in front of women. According to a study from the University of California, United States of America it shows the man has a good health.

7. Open will be felt

Do not hide their feelings but communicate what he feels makes this figure interesting in the presence of women.

“Men who are open to feelings tend to have a stable relationship and long term with a partner than men are covered,” said psychologist Lisa Kaplin.

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