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7 The morning habits that must be stopped

7 The morning habits that must be stopped

You may have a habit in the morning, like drinking a cup of coffee or eating cereal with milk for breakfast. However, the habit is apparently not the best way to start the morning. There are some habits in the morning that must be stopped.

Hot shower

Hot water has a relaxing effect, which will make you want to go back to bed. Instead, a cold shower helps you feel more refreshed. The habit of cold water bath will stimulate brain activity and the immune system to work more leverage.

Cold water also does not make skin dry. According to the researchers, people who take a cold shower every morning can lose weight about 4 kg per year.

Plays the phone for a long time

Social media is one of the main reasons many people are busy playing mobile phones in the toilets in the morning. Instead, stop wasting time reading other people’s comments on medsos. Instead, spend time for yourself in the morning.

Avoid checking email inbox (email). This is because it can make your workday longer. You better play your favorite music. Spend time in the morning with your loved ones or cook a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Wasted time choosing clothes

Have you ever spent hours in the morning with the question, “What should I wear today?” Avoid wasting long time choosing clothes.

To fix this, you can make a simpler option, ie reduce the clothes you have in your closet. Make a special area in the closet that contains the clothes you wear to work.

If you often wear a black jacket and a white shirt. Keep only the black jacket and white shirt in this area. Check clothes regularly. Get rid of clothes you do not use anymore.

Eat cereal

The usual portion of cereal (50 grams) contains about 4 tbsp of sugar. Too much sugar in the morning causes insulin (a hormone that converts glucose into energy) into the blood. You get tired. Milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit added to cereal are also not healthy to eat in the morning.

Renowned dietitian, Chelsey Amer, recently said it’s healthier to eat a slice of pizza in the morning than a bowl of cereal. Pizza contains protein, fat, and carbohydrates. It becomes a balanced breakfast.

However, it is important to remember not to eat more than one slice of pizza. In addition to pizza, you can eat scrambled egg or meat that does not contain too much fat.

Brush your teeth after breakfast

After breakfast, enamel (outer layer of teeth) teeth become more sensitive, especially if you eat fruit, oranges, or drink soda. These foods contain citric acid and phosphoric acid, which can cause dental caries.

All you have to do is wash your mouth with water and throw away the leftovers with dental floss. Try brushing your teeth 30 minutes after eating.

Drinking black coffee

Drinking black coffee after waking up makes cortisol levels rise. This causes you to feel anxious. If you drink coffee when you are hungry, you may get gastritis.

Research shows, the best time to drink a cup of coffee is three or four hours after waking. However, if you can not resist drinking coffee in the morning, add a little milk or cream into it. This will reduce the effects of drinking coffee in the stomach.

Make the bed

When awake, the mattress is full of mites and dust. This is because the moisture that sticks out of your body in the sheets at night. The moisture has not yet evaporated.

The researchers recommend, simply remove the blanket from the mattress after you wake up. This removes moisture.

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