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7 Ways to Control Anger Elegant so as not endanger health

7 Ways to Control Anger Elegant so as not endanger health

Angry show, then, your emotions were unstable. A form of release anger is part of the expression to soothe feelings. However, excessively angry was influential on the health of the body.

When you get angry, the heart and blood pressure will rise. Impingement anger also adversely affect your relationships with people nearby. This is because the angry attitude can harm and disrupt their comfort.

A study conducted by the University of Pittsburg, USA states, the negative effects of anger can increase the risk of stroke. To that end, author Ronald T. Potter-Efron and Patricia S. Potter-Efron wrote how quell anger.

1. Work in focus

You must work focus to release all negative thoughts. When your mind was dizzy, try stretching the body in order to help you feel more comfortable. This helps release tension and create a fresh mind. You can also divert to exercise and burn calories.

2. Express your anger

Saving anger is not allowed. Change your way of expressing anger, which is usually hit or slam stuff, so quieter. You should not hesitate to speak, or learn to express anger in the form of art. For example, by the movement, writing or drawing.

3. Do yoga

When angry, you can do yoga. Train breathing to channel the energy in themselves. You can do Savasana style, known as the corpse pose. This yoga pose is considered one of the most effective ways to curb anger.

You need to lie down on the floor, with arms and legs relaxed. Palms facing upwards and open legs. Close your eyes and adjust the breathing (inhale-remove) repeatedly.

4. Counting to 10

Most health experts often recommend that people were upset that counting to 10. Counting this way to help people think for a moment before expressing anger. Lag time of counting will calm the mind.

5. Cool the body with water

Anger needs to flow out of your body. One of the other, the best way is to use aqueous media. You can just wash your face or a swim in the pool. The tension in the mind will be reduced.

Even the sound of water or waves in the ocean can bring inner peace. Alternatively, you can immediately shower.

6. Take frequent breaks

When you feel anger still, the work done will not be effective. You should take a short break and calm the mind.

When angry, you should take a short break.

7. Behaving otherwise

Author of control anger Matthew McKay and Peter Rogers stated, one of the quickest ways to change the painful feeling of anger is the opposite.

You do not need to install a frown but show your smile. Speak softly than strongly worded.

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