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7 Ways to Make Natural Body Aroma Fragrance Stay All Day

7 Ways to Make Natural Body Aroma Fragrance Stay All Day

Strong body odor that wafted into an embarrassing problem. A wide variety of products and spray deodorants are considered just make perfumed body in a short period of time. However, it does not address the major issues such as how to keep the scent that does not cause body odor.

For those who crave the scent is fragrant and does not smell of body odor, do not just focus alternated deodorant alone:

Clean the armpits and feet

When you sweat, the sweat dries on the skin, which can cause unpleasant body odor. Therefore, you must maintain the lifestyle and activities undertaken. When bathing, you should focus wash underarms and feet area. Dry your body well.

If your skin is dry, the bacteria is more difficult to breed in it.

Avoid antiperspirant

If you like using deodorant. Avoid using antiperspirant deodorant. Antiperspirant will block the pores of the skin and prevents bacteria and toxins out of the skin. Bacteria and toxins will accumulate in the skin, causing the body odor.

Armpit has the function to get rid of toxins. Therefore, you should keep the fragrance armpits.

Sauna and steam bath

Sweat gland function remove toxins from the body. Sauna handy release toxins from the body through sweating. Skin pores will open and toxins out through the skin. You can also steam bath to enhance the body’s natural scent.

Wear natural fibers

Natural fiber clothing like linen, cotton, and silk make the skin can ‘breathe’ so that the bacteria to thrive. You need to keep clothes clean. Moreover, let your feet ‘breathe’ for a moment by wearing sandals or barefoot after you get home.

Consider food

What you eat greatly affects body odor. Chlorophyll contained in green food, green vegetables such as spinach and make your body naturally fresh flavorful. Spicy foods such as garlic, onions, and spices can cause body odor worse.

Foul body odor will seep from the pores of the skin after you eat these foods. Limit your intake of spicy foods and drink plenty of mineral water.

Don’t smoke

If you smoke, the smell of tobacco can seep from the pores so that the body odor generated from the sweat will smell.

Shaving underarm hair

Bacteria can thrive in warm temperatures, humid environment, and attached to the underarm hair. You can shave her armpits to help reduce body odor.

If your body clean, odorless scent. After trying a natural suggestion on top of this but you are still experiencing extreme body odor, you should seek the advice of a medical treatment.

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