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8 Reasons women need to schedule Me Time

8 Reasons women need to schedule Me Time

Some women are preoccupied with daily routine as a mother, wife, children, as well as workers. That is why women rarely get time for yourself or a ‘me time’. In fact, me time is also important for physical and mental health, especially for women.

“Time outs can help you better understand yourself, your mind and your emotions,” said Katherine L. Muller, PsyD, associate director at the Center for Integrative Psychotherapy.

Do not just help you get to know yourself, me time also have a positive impact on the unexpected, such as helping you make better decisions, better sleep, and enjoy being with other people.

1. Me time to teach you to enjoy your own time

Many people assume that the move independently or alone synonymous with loneliness. Though not. We may forget that we could be able to enjoy activities such as watching movies alone, take a walk in the mall, or relaxing on the beach alone as fun as with friends, spouse, or relative.

According to Muller, do fun activities alone gives us the opportunity to enjoy things become personal interests. It was at once reminded our ability to make yourself happy.

So, from now schedule a time me your time.

2. Helping you stay calm

When you’re upset, stressed or sad, you tend to focus on the negative side of things. Even inevitably bustle of everyday life also tend to be upset. Muller suggests, by taking time to process emotions actively, you can manage your emotions before exploding.

Every now and schedule it to be alone to sit in the park or coffee shop and write whatever you feel or interfere middle mind. You need not feel-sense or think whether you feel it makes sense or not. Write only.

“By writing down what you think on paper, you bring attention to things or emotions before eventually pile up and get you out of control,” said Muller.

By making yourself be aware of certain feelings are so strong, you’re more likely to recognize and cope with situations that cause the feelings.

3. Help make better decisions

Make important decisions is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes we decide something by anxiety or worry. When facing it, the author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness, Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, advise you to take a moment to do things like such as sketching, pottery making, gardening, or writing.

“Doing something creative, whatever its form, is the best way to brainstorm,” he said.

These activities will help you train ‘creative muscles’ and think differently when it will take a decision.

4. Helps you sleep better

Each night’s sleep, our brains process all the events that we experienced that day. Aligning digest memories and emotions, thus described by Shelby Freedman Harris, PsyD, director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program Sleep-Wake Disorders Center in New York.

According to Harris, a mind full and busy not only make it difficult for us to sleep, but also create stress and anxiety.

To improve your night’s sleep and get the benefits, Harris advised to pause one hour before going to bed and doing light activity with a single focus such as nails or reading a book. These activities help you prepare for sleep.

5. Increase focus

You would often hear the word “mindfulness” is not it? The word which when translated is “conscious” or “awake” it could easily be interpreted as thinking about what you’re doing or are facing today. For example, when you are in the salon for a manicure, then focus your mind and your senses focused on that experience. Similarly, when reading a book or enjoying time on the beach. Your focus is on the content of the book or the atmosphere and the sound of lapping waves.

“Ask yourself to focus for 30 seconds and over time increase to five minutes. If your mind starts to wander, take it, and help to re-focus,” said Harris told how to practice focus.

The exercise will help you stay focused face many unpleasant conditions in everyday life.

6. Gives you a feeling of satisfaction

If you have a bad day at the office or failure to maintain a diet and needed an injection of enthusiasm and self-confidence, Muller recommends taking the time to use our senses: feel.

“Whether you visit the spa for a massage or enjoy the thrill of buying a bouquet for inhaled the fragrance. If you are able to connect with your sense of taste, though slightly, you will feel satisfied,” said Muller. With so your confidence will automatically rise.

7. Helping achieve goals

You can compile goal-small goal you intend to achieve every day. By taking the time “me time” every day, you will not only increase confidence in yourself but also can achieve satisfaction.

8. Expanding horizons thinking

According to a survey Yahoo !, most women take the time me time by surfing the internet so Muller advised to use the time as possible to increase knowledge. For example, you can read word that all of you do not know. It will be the mental stimulation that increase good hormones such as serotonin. Thus the horizon of knowledge you will be expanding.

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