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8 Tricks to improve memory that you can try

8 Tricks to improve memory that you can try

According to the author of Being Healthy Brain, Ruth Curran, there are simple ways to improve your memory. Ruth happily expose eight pages the way through Prevention.

1. Make a habit

Neat habit and a good memory go hand in hand. If you are accustomed to putting an object in the same place, you do not need to waste time trying to remember where to find it when they need. For example, keys that you normally put in a container near the front door and gym bags are always available near the coat storage area will be easier to find.
Among other benefits, there is more space in your brain to think of other things are more complicated.

2. Use visual clues

“When there is one thing that can not be forgotten before going to bed, I put an object on a pillow that is not supposed to be there, such as a can of cat food, to get my attention,” said Katya Seberson, instructors memory and writer Improve Memory in 5 Steps.

3. Combine the objects to other objects

This trick is a trick similar to visual clues, it’s just that no further steps. For example, you often forget to bring a lunch from home, put the key in the vehicle next to the box lunch in the kitchen. With this strategy you will not forget your lunch again.

4. Give emotional charge

Curran suggested, one trick to more easily remember the important things is to give the charge or emotional value. So the next time you worry about forgetting to pay the bills, think and imagine how it impacts you. This applies to the little things once. Do not want to have lunch or dinner so damaged because your child is fussy all day for forgetting to buy milk or snack favorite, is not it?

5. Create a connection name

The name is an abstract things so easy for us to forget.

“But if we can make the code names in the brain that can make a picture, we can develop into a story that is easy to remember,” said Tansel Ali, winning the champion four times the memory of Australian and author of The Yellow Elephant. You can also use the rhyme names of people and objects to remember.

6. Build a narrative of your to-do list

Will work on a few things in sequence? Use every destination from the list your job to create a story. It will be easier to remember than to remember a number of tasks at random. For example, when you need to buy bread, send a letter through the post office, go over to the car wash, and take the laundry, you can imagine yourself in costume a great bakery, strive toward the mailbox, but instead ended up in the middle of the car wash and make your soaking wet so it wants to immediately rush to the dry cleaner.

“The funny or even affect your story, it will be increasingly embedded in the minds,” said Ali.

7. Combine multiple objects

“You can only remember some information in short-term memory before your mind becomes full and had to remove some memories,” said Curran.

So help yourself by combining multiple objects at every opportunity. Given the 10 kinds of spices is more difficult than remembering you want to make certain specialties. So instead of to the supermarket and thought, “tomato, salsa, cheese, shredded lettuce, olives, nuts, and other, better think cooking only. It will trigger the memory of the materials that need to be purchased.

8. Use all the senses

“If you want to remember a meaningful moment, try to use as many senses as possible when trying to remember,” said Curran. For example, when you cook with her grandmother and did not want to forget it, take a lemon and inhale the aroma. The next time you want to remember that moment, a hint of lemon fragrance will bring your memories back to the memories.

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