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8 Ways that Visible Skin Charming At Camera

8 Ways that Visible Skin Charming At Camera

Instagram, Facebook, Path and various other social media provides an opportunity for users to show himself in front of the camera. Of course, everyone wants to have a look attractive when in front of the camera.

To get the skin looks gorgeous in the photo do the following as reported Allwomenstalk:

1. Sheer foundation

To be able to get yourself a good look, not powder his secret thick as thought women. Experts contend with natural makeup look even show charming skin. To get the skin look charming sheer foundation or foundation charming.

2. Cover the ears with foundation

When hairstyle showing ears, coat well with the foundation. Because often our ears flushed and need a little touch of foundation to make it flush with the skin color.

3. Use masking tape under the eyelids

In this way managed to disguise the black shadow that often fall under the eyes. Use masking tape under the eye and then Cover with foundation and powder.

4. Take a photograph at dawn and dusk

Right sunlight during the day will make a shadow on the face and forehead skin make it look unattractive. Better use of light as the sun rises and sinks.

5. Cloudy

Take a picture of yourself when the day was cloudy. This makes natural soft light that does not accentuate fine lines on the face.

6. Clean Skin

If you want to have the skin looks clean, ensure regular face wash and moisturizer

7. Use the camera mode that makes charming

The existing mobile phone that has a face mode ‘beautiful’. Modes on this camera is capable of making perfect skin.

8. Computer technology

Age more advanced, the technology to make more beautiful skin can be done. With the right software, wrinkles can be eliminated.

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