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9 Small Things could Reflect Your Personality

9 Small Things could Reflect Your Personality

When you meet other people, you’ll tend to try to judge the person. Conversely too. Others will assess your personal qualities such as honesty, intelligence and altruism.

Whether it’s a date, a job interview or little things like friendship. Even with a handshake course, other people can judge you.

Well, there are some things people usually see from you to determine whether you are a smart figure or only concerned about their looks, figure introvert or extrovert, someone who is depressed or excited by the challenge. All can be seen from the following small things.

1. Handshake

Strong handshake usually reflect strong character and confidence. Meanwhile, a weak handshake usually show people who lack self-confidence.

One study found that those with a handshake tighter more extroverted, open to new experiences, and tend to be shy compared with less assertive handshake.

2. Timeliness

Why does the West really appreciate the time? Because for them, late, or make people wait could give a negative impression of your personality.

Someone on time indicated she had strong self-motivated, well organized and respect other people’s time.

3. Handwriting

Whether you’re writing a list of “to-do” or a love letter, handwriting you could say all the things about you. Even in handwriting, a person can know if he is depressed or insecure.

Grafolog Kathi McKnight said, uppercase letters indicate that you tend to be extroverts, whereas lowercase allows you introvert. Letters that slant to the right can mean you are friendly and sentimental, they are not tilted at all might mean you pragmatic, and letters are tilted to the left indicates that you introspective.

4. Favourite color

Favorite color can also reflect your personality. By knowing the favorite color of yellow, for example, other people will think you people who think logically and individualistic.

Psychologist, Bernardo Tirado breaks a little differently. In an article published in Psychology Today, Tirado said that red is the lover of the resilient and determined, while the yellow lovers love to learn and find happiness with ease.

5. Musical tastes

Citing a 2003 study, people who listen to music that is “reflective and complex” tend to be open to new experiences and liberal politics. While they were listening to music “upbeat and conventional” tend to be extroverted and athletic.

6. Eye contact

Psychologist Adrian Furnham, PhD, said, extroverts tend to be seen more often and longer eye contact than those who introvert. And in general, people who see their partner more often more confident and socially dominant.

7. pets you choose

One study found that people who prefer dogs are generally more energetic and open. While those who prefer cats tend to be more introverted and sensitive. The same study also found that people who choose cats tend to be more intelligent.

8. How do you ask a question

Even if someone does not say anything about themselves in the conversation, you can still learn about their personalities.

When meeting someone for the first time, see how long for them to ask questions in return. You’ll be surprised how much this is going to reveal his personality, he is a “giver” or “receiver”. This will help you distinguish between people who love you and just pretend.

9. Do you bite your nails?

Research shows that those who bite their nails or pull hair or pick their skin tend to be perfectionists, can not fully relax.

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