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Addictions Social Media Affect Healthy Lifestyle

Addictions Social Media Affect Healthy Lifestyle

Behavior apparent dependence of man today is the opium of social media in everyday life. Unfortunately, this behavior opium will have a bad impact.

According to the Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Technology, nearly a decade of smart phone users continues to rise each day and nearly 46 percent of users could not live without their devices on a daily basis. There are 93 percent of people aged 18 to 29 years admitted to using their phones to avoid boredom.

Impacts arising from mobile phones in the real world is that poor sleep quality, anxiety, to depression that struck some people if detach himself from the mobile phone and the use of social media.

Because, when the phone screen display notifications or notifications box to box someone’s hand and brain reflex straight motion open cell phone.

Can be seen by naked eye, the human need for social media is worse than the desire to smoke also getting enough rest and good. The desire to interact directly with other individuals also sunk by opium social media in everyday life.

To avoid this, experts recommend scheduling time to use social media, social media by opening the current break in the middle of the gym, or when going to bed, or when time off work hours. It is suggested as one way to find balance in life.

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