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Avoid these 7 habits so that menstruation does not hurt

Avoid these 7 habits so that menstruation does not hurt

Menstruation is a monthly guest that can not be avoided by women. Often menstruation make everyday activities so little challenging. Starting from pain in the abdomen to mood fluctuations often occur during menstruation. As a result the school and work so disturbed.

It could be discomfort during menstruation due to the custom. Here are some habits that make it so much more menstrual pain.

1. Sleeping less

During sleep, there are some active hormones work, including sex hormones that regulate menstruation. If lack of sleep, make menstruation is longer than usual and irregular. It is known based on the data analysis applications Clue menstrual period.

2. Drinking alcohol

Consuming alcohol just prior to menstruation will exacerbate pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). One of them, the cramps. This happens because alcohol makes the body dehydrated and reduce levels of magnesium as disclosed in women’s health expert Donnica Moore.

In addition, the consumption of alcohol also makes dizziness, mood is not up and down, and breast tenderness.

3. Coffee

Consuming caffeinated drinks more than one drink increases the risk of STDs more than 30 percent. According to Moore this is because caffeine makes dehydration and make it uncomfortable bowel.

4. Stress

The adverse effects of stress was remarkable. It also affects the menstrual cycle. Surveys conducted on Mental Daily found that people whose stress level low, naturally tend not severe cramping.

If it is stress, trying to placate with exercise, meditation, and other things that degrade the condition.

5. Smoking

Bad habits this one also affect menstruation, one of which makes cramps. Studies suggest to quit smoking two weeks before a menstrual period.

6. Most of the sitting

Activities are filled with sitting all day makes menstruation so heavy as revealed Moore. He also advised to exercise regularly so that blood flow smoothly and reduce stress. Both of these have a positive impact on menstruation.

7. Consumption of excessive sugar

Ahead of normal menstruation when so looking for sweet foods like chocolate or ice cream. Unfortunately, excessive sugar consumption aggravates menstruation.

Moore suggests choosing foods natural sweetness of fruits such as dried fruit, watermelon, mango, guava.

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