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Bad Habits that Can Damage Skin

Bad Habits that Can Damage Skin

Leather has always been a major concern in beauty care. It was true, because the skin is the outermost layer which used to be a common concern. everyone wants to have a clean and glowing skin, but sometimes many factors that cause the skin to experience problems bad enough, the problem is one of them comes from myself that sometimes didn’t know that the habit can do damage the beauty of the skin. And, what the hell activities that can damage the skin beauty. Let’s discuss the natural skin beauty tips this time.

Not getting antioxidants

Many toxins and free radicals around us, for the very important role of antioxidants to protect the body, antioxidants are substances or natural compounds that can protect our cells from damage and aging caused by reactive molecules or free radicals, antioxidants can keep skin beautiful. Antioxidants are very good for the skin derived from fruits and vegetables that are vitamins A, C and E.

Too much use of beauty products

Beauty products is very necessary to keep skin look beautiful. However, too much wear of beauty products such as foundation, moisturizer, acne scar removal cream, cream remover black spots, eye cream, powder and others who actually can not all be accepted by the face. it will make the face premature aging and dull. The face is only able to absorb 50 percent of what is applied outside of the skin.

Excessive Scrub

Scrub it is very useful to remove dead skin cells and makes skin smoother. But not too much in doing so, Scrub enough to once a week. Too often Scrub biscuits cell death not only raised but also the still soft layer of skin will also be lifted.

Clean your face too often

Cleaning the face is very important, but if too often will remove the natural oils in the face so that the face will be dry.

Holding pimples too often

Acne that is inflamed is very annoying, pain and pus. Until sometimes idly to hold up his acne broke out and actually be very detrimental, because acne will bleed which actually was a sign of injury and not infrequently an impression on your facial skin.

Cleanliness bed

What its same bed healthy skin? of course related, we sleep pillow gloved receipts and of course we stick to the face of the pillow case, if the dirty pillowcases it will be very easy to dirt sticking to the face. Replace the pillowcases at least once a week.

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