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Beauty Tips for Women Practical Career

Beauty Tips for Women Practical Career

Sleeping late and waking up late may already be a condition commonly experienced day after day a career woman. Busy lifestyle and really tight schedule, eventually beauty herself is not so considered again.

Do not let your self-neglect beauty, both in terms of maintenance and renewing way of dressing. If that activity as a career woman make it difficult to set a time in order to maintain the beauty, the following tips:

  1. Use BB Cream instead of foundation, moisturizer, or sunscreen.
  2. Use a face wash soap efficacious exfoliator like, also moisturizing.
  3. Shampooing at night in order to save time in the morning.
  4. Be careful with new shoes, if there are abrasions, massage and rub smooth legs with petroleum jelly.
  5. Apply petroleum jelly and cover with socks while sleeping in order get smooth legs.
  6. In order for a deodorant fragrance last longer, rub petroleum jelly in some underarm area.
  7. Shading members face with foundation darker than skin color, then add a little moisturizer so that the face looks more attractive.
  8. To lips look thicker, add a few drops of peppermint oil after wearing lip gloss.

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