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Benefits of Carrots For Beauty Face Masks

Benefits of Carrots For Beauty Face Masks

Benefits of carrots for facial beauty is not many people know, because it may efficacy carrots more popular in the community is only good for eye health because of biological, rich in vitamins A, whereas if we explore more about vegetables that have a characteristic orange color we will find many benefits contained in carrots.

Especially for those who have complaints on the skin that is dull and want a natural facial care carrots may be another alternative to get a white face, smooth and shining bright. This is because the content of vitamin A in carrots that not only serves to eye health, but also can keep the skin surface tissue, not to mention its orange color that characterize that these vegetables are rich in carotene that is useful to maintain skin moisture, slows premature wrinkles and makes the skin surface becomes more refined.

To consume vegetables carrots can in many ways, be in direct eating, cooked, in juice or processed as raw material to make a mask facial beauty treatments, carrots mask can indeed be made more effective in this way to be able to feel the efficacy of vitamin A of carrots on our face.

How to make a carrot mask for facial beauty treatment

The first way:

  1. Prepare carrots 2-3 fresh fruit and do not forget washed clean
  2. After washed clean grate carrots until smooth and then squeeze the juice or water
  3. If the water carrot juice is collected apply to all parts of your facial skin evenly
  4. Or you can also directly attach the grated carrots to your face without blackmail
  5. Furthermore, let the water dry on your face carrots, leave the skin pores to absorb the water content of carrots
  6. If the water had dried carrot rinse your face with cold water

The second way:

  1. Provide 2 carrots that have been washed
  2. Cook in boiling water until slightly softene
  3. Then mash the carrots that have been softened until soft
  4. Mix with 2 tablespoons of honey and mix well
  5. Then apply the mixture of honey and carrots evenly to your face
  6. Let stand attached to the face mask carrot you about 10 – minute
  7. Then wash your face with clean water

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