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Beware Your Parents if in a Slow Walking

Beware Your Parents if in a Slow Walking

Walking pace the parents are starting to slow down is not always due to the decline of their power. That could be an early sign of the emergence of dementia that can lead to Alzheimer’s. Found a clear relationship between walking speed in older people and the level of a brain protein that is the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.

The possibility of damage has been done cells beta-amyloid compound that is the key to the parents to move.

Researchers from France said that memory loss is not the only symptom of Alzheimer’s. The reduced speed walking in old age could be an early sign for us just in case.

Natalia del Campo from University Hospital has studied 128 men and women aged 70 years. All of them have problems with memory but not enough to diagnose dementia. However, after they were told to walk at a regular pace and underwent brain tests to check the work of beta-amyloid, he found that people who tend to walk slowly have beta-amyloid levels were higher.

Pedestrian speed starts to decline could be a sign of heart disease and conditions that still have relevance to dementia.

Dr. Louise Walker of the Alzheimer’s Society said, “The problem of memory is the most recognizable symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. But this condition can also affect people who have problems with navigation and concentration.”

Louise continued, studies have shown people with Alzheimer’s may have trouble with walking.

“But it is not clear whether this is because the condition itself, or there are other factors, especially those related to aging,” said Louise.

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