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Check your Personality Based Study Options

Check your Personality Based Study Options

Your college majors what? Remember, choose a major in college it is one of the important life decisions. This decision will affect the education, careers, and the way of life in the future.

To select it, you need to think about many things. The choice itself will reflect the kind of work you enjoy, the kind of work you want to do, and how you see yourself.

Apparently, the choice of majors and the personality of the person are related. Here are some personality traits based on choice of majors as quoted Bustle:

Department of Education

You care about helping people to learn, you want to help students solve difficult concept, and you also love to decorate bulletin boards.

You tend to be cheerful, to make some people assume you are weak, but they soon learn that you have a good ability as a teacher in the future.

Engineering Department

Department of analytical techniques and creative, vibrant dismantle, see how they work, and then rebuild it.

Business Programs

Those who choose business majors generally people are outgoing, socially intelligent are not willing to sit around and wait for the world to come to them. If you majored in business, you make connections with people who are useful in the real world.

Department of Political Science

You are proud of yourself because knowing what is happening in the world right now, and you think it is important for people of your age. You try to look at the problem from all angles and find solutions, and ideas at the right time to open a debate policy issues for hours.

Language Programs

You who majored in English a little introvert – you get a lot of socializing, but you’re happy to spend the time to sit in a cozy corner and read a very long novel.

You analyze everything, maybe sometimes too much – your favorite part of the movie to a movie that discusses the story after the movie ended.

Physics major

Not all scientists are socially awkward or antisocial. The physics department people are intelligent, curious likes to solve puzzles and figure out how the universe was formed.

Department of Art or Theatre

As a student of art or theater, you really tired with the majors assuming you will not be able to be applied in the working world. You work hard to enhance your abilities and express yourself with a lot of creativity and skill. Your spontaneous, risk-taking, and can always find a theatrical side in everyday situations.

Department Mode or Interior Design

You appreciate beauty and wants to make the world a more beautiful place. Your creative and practical as well as to enjoy learning in solving real problems with space and clothes while still ensuring the beauty and authenticity.

Department of Mathematics

You are someone who loves puzzles, and you find a black-and-white nature of Mathematics calming the chaos of the world.

Department of History

You do not just want to know the content of it – you always want to know how they become like that. You are someone who loves stories about the real world and learn about different cultures than your own.

You have an active imagination that allows you at least to see the world through the eyes of people in the past.

Medical School

You are planned. You someone who sets long-term goals and work hard to achieve it. You enjoy science, but also interested in people.

Department of Foreign Languages

You realize that there is a big world out there, and you want to explore it. You wonder, adventure, and love learning about new people.


For you, there is nothing more exciting than the human mind. You want to analyze those around as well as yourself. You are sensitive and empathetic towards others. You always assume there is more happening than seen

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