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Cleaning tips in Face Makeup

Cleaning tips in Face Makeup

While it might be thin, you use makeup products while working. Go home, shower and clean your face is your usual routine.

Cleaning the face is actually not a difficult thing to do. Provided you know how to choose the suitable cleaning.

For the eyes

The most sensitive areas on the face. Choose a cleanser without fragrance and alcohol free. The cleaning liquid makeup is the right choice for daily use. Way of life, put two to three drops to cotton. Press gently on the eyes for 20 to 30 seconds. This allows the cleaner to dissolve makeup makeup on your face before you scrub to remove it.

For waterproof makeup

Because consistency is usually stronger, select cleaning with oil-based materials. But this can leave an oily residue that would otherwise be wiped with a clean can make use of another product less than the maximum. Eg eye creams or moisturizers. To avoid, wash your face with soap and water afterwards.

If there is no special cleaning makeup

Mix a little Vaseline petroleum jelly and moisturizing. Apply on skin and massage gently. Makeup disappear, the skin moist. Rinse your face with water and soap.

There are times when you sleep without removing makeup on the face. A survey to prove a third of women admitted to sleeping with makeup on the face at least twice in one week. Though they claimed to know the effects on the skin.

Indeed, one night just to sleep without removing makeup will not cause permanent damage to the skin. However, if frequent, can lead to the formation of an attractive microcomedone acne-causing bacteria into your pores.

Sleeping with makeup stick can expose the face to cause damage to healthy collagen. As a result, fine wrinkles will appear on the skin.

Not to mention the remaining makeup can clog pores while you sleep to cause acne. Foundation and oil-based primer are two types of makeup that has the worst effect when left attached to the face overnight. Do not clean your face at night for a month, making the face look older decade.

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