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Consumption 5 Foods to Get Healthy Skin

Consumption 5 Foods to Get Healthy Skin

What you eat is important effect on overall health. Known, the food you eat can affect every part of your appearance.

Don’t pay attention to the pattern and type of food you eat can make you look unattractive. Here are some foods that can treat and produce healthy skin.


If you have a scaly skin and dry, it means that you are deficient in biotin. Eating salmon can be a solution, because the salmon is rich in biotin, which is an important element for a healthy skin.


Raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and others are very good for your skin. These fruits contain plenty of antioxidants that can eliminate dry skin.


The study says that people who consume a lot of tomatoes, the skin will get full protection from adverse effects of sunlight.


Maybe you rarely eat oysters daily. But when you consume occasionally, it can fix the problem on your skin. A serving of oysters has five times more stout zinc daily, which is one of the most important minerals for the skin cells.

Sunflower seed

Blotchy skin caused by lack of vitamin E. Eating sunflower seeds it can overcome your skin with acne, since these seeds are rich in Vitamin E.

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