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Drinking Coffee at Night Destructive Body Clock

Drinking Coffee at Night Destructive Body Clock

Coffee drunk in the evening will reset the internal clock of the body responsible for managing a wide range of biological functions and gene according to the daily cycle at night or during the day.

The results showed that the effects of caffeine more than just make a person difficult to sleep. The scientists reported that drinking coffee with a content equivalent of double espresso, three hours before bedtime, can alter the body clock back to an earlier hour.

This study says that caffeine consumed night can trigger the hormone melatonin surge. This hormone plays a role in the activities regulate sleep-wake cycles and perception of human darkness. Excess production of the hormone melatonin, which can disrupt these cycles and indirectly interfere with the process of organ systems of the body.

A double espresso are taken three hours before bedtime may delay the production of the hormone melatonin about 40 minutes, so that one becomes difficult to fall asleep. The evenings are a good time to consume less coffee.

If you are tired and have coffee in the evening, then it is a bad idea. Because you will find it more difficult to sleep so your body does not get adequate rest periods.

Coffee has been a drink for most people who are working overtime or get a night shift job. Coffee assessed can help refresh the body so that it can remain at work at midnight. But in another part of this research say that caffeine can alter the chemical clock in every cell of one’s body.

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