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Effective way to avoid germs

Effective way to avoid germs

Germs are one cause of disease that is difficult to avoid because germs are present in many places, for example in public places, money, door handles and so on.

But there are some effective ways to avoid germs.

1. Immediately take a bath after being near a sick person

Being near a sick person can cause us to get infected. Use antibacterial soaps to be clean and effective. But this is not necessary if you are near people with non-communicable diseases such as cancer or migraine.

2. Avoid using someone else’s dinnerware

Don’t use the eating utensil of a person with an infectious disease like a lung disease because it can transmit the disease. It is wise to use your own cutlery.

3. Use wet wipes

Clean hands with wet wipes after doing hand-held activities. This minimizes the contamination of germs.

4. Extras alert using public toilets

Public toilets, especially toilet seat is a place of spread of germs and viruses. To avoid this, use a tissue to open the door handle and open the faucet, use toilet paper as a base on the toilet seat or spray toilet sanitizer.

Don’t use water in the bucket to rinse, preferably use water directly from the tap.

5. Wash hands frequently

Germs are easy to stick on hands, get used to wash hands with soap every want to do the activity. If there is no water, use a hand sanitizer containing alcohol.

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