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Five Bad Impact Wearing Tight Knickers

Five Bad Impact Wearing Tight Knickers

Perhaps influenced fashion, a lot of people who like wearing tight underwear. The use of tight underwear for men and women alike have a bad effect on health. The following five adverse effects for those who use tight underpants:

1. Affect sperm count

This can be regarded as the worst effects of using tight underwear for men. Wearing this type will suppress the male reproductive organs resulting in lower sperm counts. Temperatures around skortum will increase due to limited air circulation so that sperm production is hampered.

2. Inhibiting blood circulation

If you wear tight underwear for a long time, the blood circulation can be impaired. The area surrounding the going numb. If the body tissue deprived of oxygen, after a long time the tissue can die.

3. Causes of vaginal infection

Trousers two strands can inhibit blood circulation to the vital area women who in turn can cause irritation and inflammation. You can also feel amused at first. The habit of wearing tight underwear can cause serious problems. Never underestimate the impact of wearing tight underpants on the outside of these reproductive organs.

4. Causes ulcer

It’s one of the risks of using tight underpants. If you are wearing tight pants at the waist, the abdomen will be depressed. It can cause acid reflux, which in turn trigger an ulcer.

5. Inhibiting air circulation

The region around the reproductive organs in need of fresh air to stay healthy. If you wear pants too tight, air can not go out perfectly and excessive perspiration can accumulate which then causes the infection. Because of the unwanted fluid is then attacks the bacteria will be easily found.

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