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For Eye Health, grapes are better than Carrots

For Eye Health, grapes are better than Carrots

For years we were taught to eat carrots so that the eyes remain healthy. But a recent study reveals, the wine is better than carrots. Researchers from the University of Miami in the United States, Professor Abigail Hackam even say, the wine can reduce the risk of blindness later in life.

The grapes are rich in antioxidants that protect cells from DNA damage. The results show by adding it to the diet, can maintain the health of the retina ..

Abigail explains, grapes can protect the eyes from a chemical process known as oxidative stress or which release harmful molecules called free radicals in the retina. Antioxidants is cells care from DNA damage and its compounds are believed to have many benefits for the eyes.

The retina is the eye that is composed of some cells that respond to light, usually called photoreceptors. Degenerative diseases of the retina can lead to blindness.

Research published in the journal Nutrition is also noted, the wine is able to resist damage from oxidative stress and maintain the function and structure of the retina.

In the study, mice were fed frozen grapes, dried and powdered – the equivalent of about three servings of fruit a day for a human – equivalent sugar diet, or diet control are standard. The results showed that retinal structure and function of the eye is much better in the group who consumed a diet fortified wine.

Mice in this group have a thickness of retinal photoreceptors and the amount of activity the number of photoreceptors were good, although the high oxidative stress. In the group of non-grape, the retina is damaged, appearing lesions, and a decrease in the sharpness of the eyes as well as low activity of photoreceptors.

The results of this study are very interesting and show more and more evidence showing the real benefits of wine consumption in maintaining eye health.

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