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Green Tea, Drink Prostate Cancer Prevention

Green Tea, Drink Prostate Cancer Prevention

Many who do not know about the benefits of drinking a glass of green tea. In fact, these types of drinks are very good for health and can prevent many dangerous diseases, among them cancer. Cancer is prostate cancer.

This has been proven team of researchers from the United States recently. The study, led by Nagi Kumar origin Moffit Cancer Center in the United States has exposed the efficacy and safety of the active components contained in green tea and is able to prevent the development of prostate cancer in men.

In the same study, Kumar also indicate the presence of substances catechins contained in green tea. This positive substance able to prevent and inhibit cancer cell growth, invasion, motility, and inducing cancer cell death.

In the course of one year of treatment, the researchers compared the effects of Pholypenon E on 49 male respondents with a placebo tablet and 48 male respondents. In this study found that people who took green tea capsules declined about antigen (PSA) levels of prostate specific drastically.

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