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Heavy smokers Can Cause Stomach Large

Heavy smokers Can Cause Stomach Large

Being a heavy smoker might make a thin body, as more activities than eating tobacco. But they also have an easy tendency to accumulate fat in the abdomen.

Scientists University of Glasgow, UK discovered facts related to smoking habits overall weight tends to be low, but encourage concentration of fat deposits in the abdomen.

This fact was obtained after scientists conducted a study that analyzed 29 studies involving 150,000 participants about their smoking habits, weight, and waist circumference.

Through the analysis of the study, it was found the fact that the higher the consumption of cigarettes, low body mass index. However Although low body mass index waist circumference higher than non-smokers.

Then why did it happen?

According to lead researcher of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, Professor Naveed Sattar low body mass index tends to push fat into the middle area so that a higher waist circumference.

When smokers gaining weight, they will show larger stomach for weight gain than non-smokers alike.

The danger, high waist circumference were associated with the risk of diabetes.

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