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How Percent Body Needs Calories?

How Percent Body Needs Calories?

Calorie is a measure of the total energy contained in the food. Knowing and keeping the needs of calories in the body, helping us to balance between the amount of energy we save and energy used daily, also helps maintain weight.

In a nutrition label, usually abbreviated calories of kilocalories (kcal) or kilojoules (kJ). 4.2 kJ equivalent to 1 kcal. A woman need 2000kcal a day, while men need 2500kcal a day. Total energy is divided into: breakfast 20 percent; lunch 30 percent; dinner 30 per cent; and 20 percent of drinks and snacks.

Here’s the number of calories contained in the food to make it easier to customize it to your needs.

1. Oil, mayonnaise and butter. Each has 100 kcal per 1 teaspoon of it.

2. Cheese, equivalent to 30 grams 100kcal.

3. sugar, 4 tsp equivalent to 100kcal.

4. Biscuits. Two biscuit equivalent to 100kcal or more.

5. Crispy. 1 crispy tube is equivalent to 1000kcal then 10 percent or 9 crispy equivalent 100kcal.

6. Bread. 100kcal similar piece of bread.

7. Meat and fish. For example the steak, just a few bites has reached 100kcal. For three slices of turkey meat is equivalent to 100kcal, and a stack of large shrimp equivalent to 100kcal.

8. Dried fruits. Increasingly dry a fruit, the higher the total calories. For example in his palm fruit 30 grams is equivalent to 100kcal. Or you can combine fruit such as cherries 80gram 80gram wine plus equivalent to 100kcal.

9. Fresh fruits. It is easier to calculate, for example 100kcal equivalent to a large apple or a banana or a handful of strawberries.

10. Vegetables. To illustrate 100kcal, this vegetable is similar to him: three pieces of cucumber or two settings of lettuce, carrots and three each weighing 120 grams.

Remember! This is an illustration only. The rest depends on how the food is prepared or served or packaged. In the food packaging also have the nutrition label for your convenience.

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