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How to Educate Children so Great and Confidence

How to Educate Children so Great and Confidence

Confidence in children arises from a sense of security and love. Something that maybe you can give easily to them. But, the real confidence, emerging when the child feels that he can do something well and because he has the ability to do anything right.

And unfortunately, just overwhelm the child with praise will not be able to make intelligent and good at doing something.

Jim Taylor, author of Your Kids Are Listening: Nine Things Your Kids Need To Hear From You, said a better way to build a child’s confidence rather than just giving compliments is to help them become more competent.

And to make it, you have to backtrack a little bit, give your child space to make their own decisions, try to do everything yourself, learn to solve problems, and keeping always finish whatever he starts.

To help foster self-confidence in children, there are several things you can do :

• Allow your child to take risks. Victoria Sopik, CEO of Kids & Company, and also a mother of eight children said, “In order to build the child’s confidence, you have to let him take risks, make choices, and learn to be responsible for decisions that have been taken.”

• Let your child make his own choice. Sopik said, when a child is able to take a decision that was in accordance with his age, he would feel proud. Sopik also confirmed that children as young as 2 years have started to learn to think about the risks of their choices.

• Let them help you. To successfully develop self-esteem, children need the container to show off their skill and ability. It can start from something as simple as asking them to help you at home, even if your child is still a toddler.

You can invite them to help you cook, clear the table, or make a bed. This will make them feel important and useful.

• Encourage your child to pursue his hobby, until finished. Children have started to show their interest in a case from a very early age. You can encourage them to pursue it, such as sports or play music, but make sure they pursue it through to completion and not stop halfway.

Because the learning finish something they started, the child will be able to feel the taste of success when they finish.

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