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How to Make Eye Mask

How to Make Eye Mask

How to make eye mask is actually not difficult. You can use the materials that have been stored in the kitchen. By using the eye mask regularly every night or when the eyes are tired, the muscles around the eye area to relax and of course fresh eyes again.

Eye mask is very suitable for you more often move at night, whether it’s because you get a night shift work schedule or perhaps often late at the office or at home. After compressing the eyes with a mask you use, feel the coolness and fresh eyes again.

The problem, not all materials can be processed into a mask kitchen. You do not need to be confused, the following eye mask that you can make from a few ingredients kitchen. When performing maintenance tips for eye wear masks, so are required to choose one course, because if mutually material can cause a variety of problems in the eye.

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Make Eye Mask from cucumbers

Cucumber is more often used to cope with panda eyes, but if your eyes feel heavy for literacy as sleepiness, there is no harm compress with cucumber.

Here’s how:

  • Rinse a cucumber
  • Sliced ​​into small pieces and keep a round shape
  • Wash eyes with warm water beforehand
  • Attach two slices of cucumber earlier, and replace per 5 minutes
  • If the slices of cucumber is up, wash your face with cold water

You can use cucumber to be used as an eye mask every night before bed.

Make Eye Mask of Potatoes

Potatoes also gives freshness to the eyes, so if the eyes are tired at compress with potatoes, in bebeapa when the veins of the eye back relaxed.

how to make:

  • Prepare the potatoes
  • Peel the skin and then wash
  • Cut the potatoes are round or square (thin)
  • Eye wash using warm water
  • Lying on a sofa or bed
  • Compress both eyes with potatoes earlier
  • Replace sliced ​​potatoes once every 5 minutes
  • Finally, rinse using cold water

You are permitted to apply this treatment every day at bedtime, or at times tired eyes.

So beautiful, so as to mask beauty tips aimed to rejuvenate the eye due to be used to see objects too long.

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