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In 3 Hours, Flu Cured with Garlic

In 3 Hours, Flu Cured with Garlic

In the rainy season like now, if you start sounding nasal voice, nasal mucus clot issue (snot), also sputum that comes from the throat accompanied by fever, a sign the flu virus has attacked you. You should immediately seek help so that you are not a long illness.

There are two ways to combat the flu, the flu drug taking is rampant in the market, or with alternative medicine made from natural. For the second option, you can try eating raw garlic.

The Journal of Nutrition contains the results of clinical trials benefits of garlic to relieve the flu. In the study individuals who experience flu given two cloves of garlic to chew raw. After the participants ate, within three hours later showed significant gains in their body than taking drugs in pharmacies, quoted from page Prevention.

This happens because the nutritional content of garlic has vitamin C, minerals such as selenium, enzymes, and sulfur-containing compounds are believed to improve the body’s immune system to the flu.

Scientists are not able to say for sure whether garlic will work quickly to combat the flu. However, previous studies confirm that there is something special on the content of garlic as a cold reliever dose.

If you want to try garlic as a reliever flu, experts advise to slice or destroy it along with cloves and eat it – or use as an ingredient for seasoning on salads.

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