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Is it enough to wash your hands with water?

Is it enough to wash your hands with water?

Although living in modern times, many people can not be separated from various health myths, including in the case of washing hands. Some assume that wash the hands enough water only.

However, did you know that the two ways are not effective at killing germs in the hands. So, what other myths are circulating about washing hands? To find out more, you can listen to the translation below:

There are so many people who think that water alone can kill germs.

In fact, germs, viruses, and new fungi can die at the temperature of boiling water. In addition, there is dirt that is not soluble in water, which can only be cleaned with soap.

So, hand washing is not enough with water alone, but must also use soap.

Many areas in the hands are rarely washed The sidelines of the fingers and nails is a rarely washed hand area. In fact, various germs that cause disease may nest in situ. The best hand washing method, which can kill more germs in the rarely washed area, by using running water and soap.

Hands that do not look dirty do not need to be washed This myth is a very misleading myth. The reason, germs, viruses, and fungi is a danger that is difficult to see by the naked eye.

For that, even though the hands do not look dirty, you still have to wash them with running water and soap. Important moments of hand wash before and after meals, after from the bathroom, and after touching facilities or common objects.

So, let’s wash your hands properly and correctly, using the flowing water and soap in the important moments described above. Thus, you can avoid the attack of germs.

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