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Keeping White Teeth Fixed For Coffee Enthusiasts

Keeping White Teeth Fixed For Coffee Enthusiasts

Yellow teeth are not only triggered by bad habits, such as brushing teeth rarely. However, there are many other factors cause teeth to yellow, as well as coffee. For you coffee fans certainly not uncommon to see differences in the color of your teeth with relatives who are not fond of coffee. But these differences do not become a barrier for you to coffee, especially if you’re someone who more often work at night or indeed always gets overtime, coffee is the best friend.

How to keep teeth white

Coffee does cause tooth color becomes yellowish and will certainly affect the beauty, but these problems are things that still can be overcome. Here natural beauty tips for your special coffee lovers, namely how to keep teeth white for fans of coffee.

Orange Peel

The content of vitamin C in orange flesh can nourish your skin beautiful, but ye shall know also that the orange peel can be used to whiten teeth due to coffee. The trick is not difficult, simply by brushing your teeth with orange peel every day at least 2 times / day. Brushing teeth with orange peel also not damage the tooth enamel.


Miswak already familiar ears of the Muslims and Muslim. Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country, therefore Miswak also widely spread in herbal stores. You can use this Miswak timber for brushing teeth. Although it was a bit of bitter, but usefulness for teeth whitening has many proven by the people.


This fruit can to whiten teeth because of any kind, not just coffee. It was a sweet certainly makes you keen to brush her teeth with strawberries. No need to be processed into various forms, just wash and rub directly on all parts of the tooth has helped lift rust stains on the teeth.

Wood Charcoal

Do not worry, use charcoal to clean teeth is still fairly powerful. However, if wrong in choosing the type of wood charcoal might damage the tooth enamel and fishing cavities that lead to toothache. Because it is not recommended for those who are unfamiliar with the health to try this.

Tips deliberately chosen the above treatment of the natural course, because for what we buy products that have been processed and given a brand if in fact these products based on that already provided by nature?

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