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Many consume fruit during pregnancy make children smarter

Many consume fruit during pregnancy make children smarter

Most of the intelligence level is made up of genetic factors. The rest can be formed during pregnancy. What is interesting, to make smart kids did not need great effort because according to recent studies, eating fruit during pregnancy can increase the intelligence Small up to 2.38 percent.

Pregnant women who regularly eat fruit at every meal portions can improve memory function and development of the baby.

Pregnant women who eat more fruit during pregnancy have smarter children.

In a study published in the journal’s online EBioMedicine specialist, child development experts in Canada tested 808 children aged 12 months. They then compare test results between infants given fruit since the pregnancy with a new toddler eat fruit from the age of six months.

Fruit consumption during pregnancy is directly correlated with better test results. Total fiber, calories, omega 3 and other aspects during pregnancy affect the study results.

Nevertheless, the researchers say, the level of intelligence is also affected by factors such as social class, education, and whether the baby is breastfed or not.

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