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Natural And Practical Ways to Overcome Dry Skin

Natural And Practical Ways to Overcome Dry Skin

Dry skin will make uncomfortable, and reduce confidence. Dry skin does not seem attractive. Many factors make the skin becomes dry, such as environmental factors, dust, dirt, detergents for washing, too long in the air-conditioned space.

But it is not possible to be avoided because it is part of daily activities – day. Dry skin is caused by reduced activity in the oil glands in the skin tissue. to keep the skin retain moisture and prevent it from drying out, here are tips to overcome dry skin can do at home you do naturally and practical.

How to Cope with dry skin:

  • Rub the skin with a Pumice stone, from ancient times has been very famous pumice stone capable of removing the dead skin cells on the skin. each went baths do not forget to rub the skin with a pumice stone gently and use a little soap, because if too harsh irritants, if pumice stone is too hard and rough use a soft brush as his successor.
  • Using a scrub, for removing the dead skin cells use a scrub 2 times a week, scrub capable of delivering nutrients to the skin so the skin becomes softer, making natural scrub to smooth the skin is highly recommended than buy it, because there will be the satisfaction of its own and can be useful activity in their spare time.
  • Use moisturizing cream to keep skin moist it must be diligent use moisturizing cream to protect the skin from dirt and dust from outside.
  • Massaging the skin, use natural oils like olive and jojoba to massage the dry skin with a circular motion so that the oil is absorbed by the skin layer. fresheners also use roses that have emollient properties (a skin) and be able to soothe inflamed skin.
  • Skin Nutrition, consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin E to insufficient intake of nutrients skin so supple. The most important nutrients to keep skin soft namely Vitamin A, C and E.
  • Maintain moisture, the skin will remain moist when maintained and cared for treatment, things that should be avoided to keep skin soft like a bath too long, washing your face too often, rubbing the skin too hard and improper use of cosmetics

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