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Natural Ways to Eliminate Black Spots on Face

Natural Ways to Eliminate Black Spots on Face

Black spots on the face caused by several things including: acne scars, exposed to excessive sunlight, and also because of their age / aging. Black spots on the face, usually there is a section of the cheek and it is quite disturbing appearance. To hide it, usually the women use make-up powder or thicker in the area that became faint black spots.

How natural way to remove the black spots on the face? Here are some tips from a variety of sources based natural health that can be done so that black spots on the face disappear / fade:

1. Eliminate Black Spots with Lime

How: Prepare 1 orange juice, then in the split into two parts. Then rub into the face gently and evenly. Let stand and wait until the orange dried. After dries on the face then wash the face with warm water and then rinse with cold water.

2. How to Eliminate Black Spots with Tomato and Lime

How: Prepare a tomato orange and lime, Squeeze lime and take the water. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Enter squeezed orange juice and tomato chunks into a blender to smooth. Then you apply materials that have been made earlier to the skin evenly. Then let stand for 10-15 minutes and wash with water.

3. Eliminate Black Spots with Lemon Juice

How: Prepare the lemon juice, egg and grab Prepare egg whites only. Combine lemon juice and white have the same dose. Heat a small frying pan for a moment on. Let stand until the mixture turns semi-solid material. The next step input material was inserted into the container and also to the refrigerator. Let stand until the substance becomes cold. Download and apply the material was skin area that you want enlightening. Let stand about 15-min. And rinse using clean water.

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