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Nourish Skin With Water

Nourish Skin With Water

Water is needed by everyone for everyday purposes such as drinking, washing and other activities. Water is very important to smooth body functions. Without water, the entire body functions will be impaired and can not work properly. 75 percent of its body consists of water. Every day we lose water when, breathing, urination, and when the sweat, sweat produced about 1 liter per day. However sometimes many of us who forget to drink plenty of water instead of those that have been lost. Many thought the white drink besides water already can replace lost body fluids, but it is not entirely correct. Only water or herbal teas can rehydration.

Water is very essential for the digestive and urinary tract health. Without water will accumulate toxins digestive tract. Water is also very important to maintain healthy kidneys, liquefy and remove toxins and metabolic reserves of fat stored in the body.

In addition to health benefits for the body, the water is also very powerful to preserve the health of the skin. Water has the advantage of eliminating dehydration. besides it was a lot of benefits that can be obtained by diligent consume water. Here it is useful:

  • White water is able to prevent drying of the skin and keep the skin become more humid
  • Water can maintain skin elasticity and thus avoid the skin from wrinkling
  • Diligently clean the face with water, able to make the face clean and shine
  • Therapy with white water, white water most appropriate way to detox
  • The white water can make the skin more supple
  • Consuming water can be prevented from chapped lips, the body is more fresh and not dry throat.

Water is a basic ingredient for skin care, beauty cream is needed to make skin brighter, but it is very necessary to note that the intake of the body. Diligent consumption 8 glasses of water a day to get brighter skin optimal. Consume enough water especially when the weather is very hot, your work environment with central heating or cooling.

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