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Other Practical Uses for the Old T-shirt

Other Practical Uses for the Old T-shirt

One of the most important ways for fans to connect with headliner music groups who give concerts is through wearing band t-shirts. Often these shirts have band logos bearing the name of the band or its key members, album cover art or popular song titles. For decades, it has been one of the most popular ways to remember everything you love about the people who make your favorite music. Although many fans keep t-shirts for years after purchasing them, some even passing them on to their children or other family members and friends, there are other uses for the these relics after they have become worn.


To make sure the favorite t-shirt does not become a discarded clothing item, some have chosen to incorporate the designed part of the shirt into quilts. Whether used on a bed or hung on a wall as a piece of art, quilts become family heirlooms quickly. If you have no idea how to make a quilt, there are plenty of videos to be found in Internet searches that teach the basics.


What better way to remember band music than to take the t-shirt to bed. Most cotton and polyester blends translate well to bed linen, provided it is matched with durable cotton as a base. There is an added benefit to having a pillowcase made from an old t-shirt. You know there will be few others with bed linens like yours.


Sports fans do it all the time: They frame jerseys to hang on the wall. Why not try this with a t-shirt? A glass frame preserves the shirt by protecting it from the elements and ensuring it does not become worn from washing or wearing it too often. They become great conversation pieces in a family room and are a welcome change of pace from the usual art.

Upcycle It

If you are a fan who likes to extend the wear life of your t-shirt, there are options for you, too. Perhaps you will not be able to wear the same shirt in the same way. However, you can cut the logo or designed part of the shirt away and sew it onto another item of clothing. Other t-shirts, jeans and jackets can bear the insignia of your favorite band.

No matter what you choose to do with your favorite old t-shirt, there are many things you can do to make sure it stays around for a while. Whether it is framed, quilted or added to other clothing, it can offer a lasting return on your initial investment.

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