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Peek Secret Slim Victoria Beckham

Peek Secret Slim Victoria Beckham

Although already had four children and busy as a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham’s body still look slim. Victoria rumored eating disorders alias eating disorder, but she was evasive. According to David Beckham’s wife she had an eating disorder but rather to control food intake.

Victoria always eat healthy, Japanese food, lots of fish, vegetables, various fruits.

According to Victoria, there is a big difference between the control of food and eating disorder. “I think there is a big difference between people who have eating disorders and those who control food intake. Me, I want to eat what I eat. But try to stay disciplined food consumed,” she said quoting the People page.

Victoria prefer vegetables that are steamed vegetables, one spinach. It is unknown when she ate at the Cut Restaurant, Baverly Hills, United States. The chef at the restaurant, Wolfgang Puck express how happy Victoria when eating spinach without the salad course.

The three children of Victoria and David Beckham behaved unnaturally age. Meanwhile, David Beckham eat steak.

Beautiful woman aged 41 years was also also runs an alkaline diet, the diet is to cut food intake like alcohol, caffeine, soda, dairy products, red meat, sugar and salt.

Not just a meal, it is also diligent 6 km jogging almost every morning, as well as doing pilates routine.

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